A New Website

Actually, it’s three new websites, I’m just putting the finishing touches to them all.

The first one is a Finnish website for a client from Finland (fancy that?). She runs her own natural/alternative therapy business and needed her own website to show to prospective clients. She was referred to me by another client on the basis that I was really good. It just goes to show that word of mouth is a powerful business tool.

I remember working at a supermarket when I was 16 and we were watching a corporate video and they reckoned that if someone had a bad experience with a company, they’d tell 10 of their friends about it, however if they had a good experience they’d tell just 1 person. So obviously the message was give good customer service to everyone so that they all tell just one person.

I was really pleased with the way the website turned out, it’s actually quite a challenge creating a website in a language that you don’t understand, you have to keep asking for translations of text and link names. Finnish is also possibly one of the hardest languages ever, no word is less than 600 characters in length! You can check out the website here: HoitavaKosketus.com. Of course, I’m always available for small projects like this so drop me a line if your looking for a new website (blatant plug, but hey, it’s my blog!).

The next website I was working on it the new ‘hub’ site for mine and Paul’s business. I recently discovered a fantastic CMS called Xoops so decided to use it on this new hub site.

Although it’s not finished yet, there’s a lot of text and information to add, you can check it out here: JuicySolutions.com. I think it’s going to look absolutely fabulous when it’s finished and a great showcase for our projects, websites and products.

The final site I’ve been working on is a little pet project of mine. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I ran a site called todays-webmaster.com back in 2000. This time the site is called WebmasterAdvice.net and like JuicySolutions.com it’s powered with the Xoops CMS.

I believe that with the right SEO and article marketing I can make WebmasterAdvice.net absolutely huge, everything is in place, articles, reviews, forum, directory, scripts, it just needs some visitors 🙂

One great way of ensuring that people don’t click the back button is to hire a forum poster that will flood the forum with tonnes of posts every day for 1 or 2 months in an attempt to generate replies and responses. If people see an empty forum it’s like having a big sign saying “go away! no one wants you here!”, but if there are hundreds of posts for people to read through, hopefully at least one will catch their attention enough to take the time to register and post a reply. Well…we’ll see shall we?!

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