End of the week

So, it’s the end of the week, and what have I achieved?

I have finished off the back end members area for megatoolkit.com (and we’re *still* waiting for Paul to finish the sales page, can anyone say fixmyebooks? (private joke)).

We have programmers working on megatoolkit because the mod_rewrite function wasn’t working correctly and people couldn’t see the sales page (which was not too much of a problem because Paul hasn’t done it yet!). Also we had to stop letting people sign up with out paying (not good when you have over $15,000 worth of downloads in the members area!).

I have set up a new travel website and will be adding content to it over the weekend and promoting it via SEO Elite.

I have also spent some time promoting abcHYIP doing lots of off page optimization so that I can be ranked number 1 for ‘hyip scripts’. I found out that MSN already ranks me as number 1 for HYIP scripts here:

HYIP Scripts

Which is nice!

I also discovered that MSN ranks another one of my websites, PayPalPages.net is ranked number 4 for it’s primary keyword ‘Paypal merchants’ here:

paypal merchants

Yahoo also gives similar results, but there is no love from Google šŸ™

Next week will be another busy week. I pray to the webmaster gods that Paul will have finally finished the sales letter for megatoolkit.com.

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