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Bored of the Rings? Not me!

Just read an article where the author fiendishly attacks the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars and various Steven Spielburg films.

You can read the article here

While the article is quite humourous, the part I like the most is this bit…

“What Jackson is essentially pandering to…is his audience’s adolescent reluctance to engage with the real world. A grand quest to save Middle-earth from the forces of evil is an ideal escape from the more prosaic realities of finding a job and paying the rent, while forming a cosy boy’s club with your hairy-toed mates can’t help but appeal compared to the thorny practicalities of flesh-and-blood relationships”

Man! I love LOTR and other escapist stuff like Star Wars, Back to the Future and the cool Discworld novels. There’s nothing like escaping the real world for a few hours and become immersed in a battle between good and evil.

I’m not sure how I’m going to pay the rent this month though…oh, and I don’t have a ‘proper’ job. Looks like the author hit the nail on the head 😀

Shiney Object Syndrome!

I’m about to mention a major weakness that I have. But I acknowledge this weakness, and really wish I could prevent it.

The weakness is: Shiney Object Syndrome

It is the process of starting one project, seeing a new, shiney object (in my case, the shiney object is usually a new business idea or opportunity), leaving what you are doing and starting doing something else and never completing a project.

I will start many different projects, or websites and never actually get around to finish them because a shiney object has caught my attention and I’ve wondered off to go and investigate it. Hence I have dozens of unfinished websites and projects.

The problem stems from the fact that I can see something and think of a 101 ways to improve the business opportunity, software, service. I will then go ahead and do a half project before getting distracted again. The problem is also compounded by the length of time the project takes to complete. If it only took a week to complete, shiney object syndrome probably wouldn’t be a problem. But my ideas get too complex and intricate that after a few weeks I lose interest.

So…now the problem has been identified, how do I go about solving it.

First thing I’m doing is trying my hardest to reduce the project lead time. This means maybe not launching with a fantastic product which takes weeks, maybe months, but with a simple product that can be improved over time, but only takes a week or two to get out on the market.

Next thing I’m trying desperately hard to do is focus and not wonder off too look at the newest shiney object. This involves looking at my core skills and only focusing on projects that utilize these skills…this is much easier said than done!

Finally, I’ve stopped looking at all the internet marketing products out there and stopped buying the latest packages or products. Part of my problem was information overload, I didn’t know where to go or what to do next. This has now stopped and I’m not buying any more marketing products – sorry folks!

Hopefully these measures I’m putting into place will stop me getting distracted and allow me to focus on my core businesses and developing businesses that complement each other and use my strengths.

Will it be successful? I will let you know early January. Between now and then, I hope to have 3 or 4 new products released.

Slow News Day on the Beeb?

Must be a slow news day at the BBC, just found this “news” article posted on the BBC News front page:

A Horse Walks In To a Bar…

The Most Annoying Thing About Walking Down a Street In London

OK, so what do you think I find most annoying about walking down a street in London? The fear of robbery? The fear of suicide bombs? Maybe being crushed in the Oxford Street mob of shoppers?

Well no. It’s far less exotic.

It’s fricking charity touts stepping infront of you and asking for a “minute of my time”.

I wouldn’t mind so much if you get asked like once or twice, but walk down a section of Oxford Street, or even the high street where I live, and you’ll probably get 5-10 people trying to stop you and ask for your personal details any bank accounts!

All I want to do is go about my business in peace. I don’t want some schmuck with rat tails and scruffy beard trying to stop me from going where I want to go – and I sure as hell don’t want to be stopped by 10 of these guys when popping down the shops to buy some bread and milk!

It’s gotten to a point where I have to consider the route I take to the shops to avoid these insanely annoying touts. Even my habits have had to change. I always take my cell phone out so that I can pretend that I’m on the phone in an effort to stop these vultures walking infront of me to ask if I care about the poverty in some African country.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this problem. There must be other people in London and other cities who are fed up with charity touts trying to you from going about your business every step of your journey.

Oh yeah, I had my injections today for travelling out to india. I think my left arm is about to drop off – I can barely move it! It aches all the way up to my neck!

eBay Auction – Hot Stuff!

Hey, this is going to be quite exciting. Today I’m going to post my first ebay auction.

I’m going to be selling a complete ready made adsense site that has taken me 3 days to complete. The winning bidder will be getting the entire website, the domain and 2 months free hosting.

The website is on the topic of Bodybuilding. Click the link to check it out – it opens in a new page.

Here’s some of the benefits of buying this website…

:: Exceptional website design professionally created by myself
:: Highly optimized for the search engines – all my experience has gone into this one!
:: Multiple income sources from Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank
:: Multilingual – translated into 9 languages
:: Quality domain
:: 2 months free hosting ($5.95/mo thereafter)
:: High paying niche
:: Over 500,000 searches per month for main keywords
:: Extremely low competition
:: Friendly help and support every step of the way

I’ve just got to create the layout for the auction page on ebay now, and then I can get this project posted!

I’m dead excited about this, but I’ve never sold on ebay before, so it could fall flat on it’s face! I’m going to be offering it as a standard 3 day, no reserve auction.

Wish me luck!

Today is Friday…Not Thursday

Have you ever been concentrating so much on something and so consumed by a single task that you completely lose track of time?

You know how it is, you start work at 9am and before you know it, it’s 5pm. I’ve had days like that.

But this one is a new one for me.

I’ve lost an entire day.

Today, I thought it was Thursday. I don’t know how. I’ve been so focused on creating these new ready made adsense sites that I’ve not stopped to really watch TV or read the news all week. Somehow my brain has lost a day to make me think it was Thursday and not Friday.

I was just preparing a job list for my two webmasters this evening, for jobs to do on Friday (or what I thought was going to be Friday), when their manager came onlie to tell me that they were having the weekend off. No problem I said, I’ll have them do this tomorrow and start again on Monday. But he replied, that they wouldn’t be in the office tomorrow because it’s the weekend.

So that stumped me and I argued back that it was Friday tomorrow…until I actually checked the date 🙁

So now it’s nearly midnight on a Friday night and I have been sat infront of a computer all night looking forward to my night off on Friday. Damn that sucks.

I do have a couple of theories on how this could have happened:

1. I was abducted by aliens and knocked out for 24 hours, thus losing a day

2. I slept through Tuesday (it’s such a boring day I find)

3. I have no friends and no life so who needs to keep track of the date anyway?!

These ready made adsense sites are truely consuming me. Everything from the designs, graphics, header, content, sitemaps on the site itself, to the website that’s going to be selling them and the programming that has to be done. I’m also working on the extensive members area which is going to provide great support and advice.

Each site will have the choice of two themed templates that match the theme of the niche, hopefully translated into Spainish and German, 3 types of sitemaps and if you are really lucky a partrich in a pear tree!

Damn, I wish it was Thursday!

My Absence

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again….

Yes, enough of wartime classics. My absence from this site was longer than I had expected and much longer than is reasonable 🙁

Basically, what happened was after posting that information about SEO, I received a phonecall from a mate who was desperate for some help with his business: giant inflatables.

He was due to go up to Edinuburgh, Scotland the next day to do a corporate event for Standard Life, an investment bank that is de-mutualising and being listed on the stock exchange.

SIDENOTE: Being a Standard Life account holder and knowing the dismal performances from them recently in terms of interest, I’m amazed that they’ll ever find any more investors willing to put money into a financial institution that could be financially outwitted by my own dear grandmother. But that’s another story…

So, a corporate gig. The assignment? Blow up 5000 little balloons with helium and release them from the top of Edinburgh castle.

Edinburgh was beautiful, I didn’t get much sleep and the weather was fantastic yada yada yada…

When I got back to my parents house, it turns out it was my fathers birthday (who knew? I obviously need this), so I had to stay up there another day (4 days without internet access…smokers will empathize with me here) for the fun and festivities that only family group events can bring. ie. it was dull, boring and everyone wished that they were somewhere else.

So the following day I was due to go back down to London. But, alas, my matey phones me up again because he needs a hand with another job: an inflatable bungee run in an outdoor mall. How could I say no?

We’ll now fast-forward 2 more days (during which time I also became an impromptu assistant DJ at a wedding disco), and still no internet access. Does anyone else feel my pain here? These guys might

When I finally got back to London, there was so much to sort out; my business partner hadn’t even bothered to answer any support tickets on (yeah, nice one mate!) and my webmaster had done so much while I was away that I had to catch up on (damn, he’s a trooper!)

I meant to post on the blog, but before I knew it, it would be midnight. Not to mention that the world cup was (now that England are out of the world cup, it ceases to exist as far as I am concerned!) on.

Blah-de-blah-de-dar, so this brings us up to today. Yeah, I know I skipped forward a couple of weeks. But think of it as a TV series (hell, if Bart Simpson can be aged 10 for the last 16 years, I can skip weeks without mentioning them….).

OK, so I know that I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. Starting with the promise on my last post to explain how I got to number 1 (ish) spots on all the search engines.

Welcome back :~)

Back Agony

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating the blog in a couple of days, but I’ve really put my back out.

It happened on Friday at the gym, I was just finishing off on the treadmill when suddenly a shooting pain went down my lower back. Like a Jimmy, I had to hit the emergency stop button because every step I took was pure agony.

Somehow I managed to crawl home take a few paracetamol and lie on my back.

It’s now Sunday and it’s still really painful, even tilting my head forward sends shooting pains down my back.

What is really unusual is walking is really hard too, every step twinges the back. I hope this clears up soon because I wasn’t expecting back problems at the age of 23!

This is a shame about my back because I was working on a report on how to promote your website. I had ten ways you can promote your website for maximum exposure. I want to release it as a freebie ebook pretty soon.

Some of the thinks it covers include:

1. PPC
2. Organic SEO
3. Article Marketing
4. Link Exchanges
5. Directory Submission

and more 🙂

Hope this back problem clears up soon though…I’m beginning to run out of paracetamol!

A Life Less Ordinary

Um, sorry for the title, it has very little bearing on the subject of this post. I just thought it sounded pretty cool. It’s the name a music album or song, but can’t for the life of me remember who the artist is. Where’s Google when you need it.

Where would I be without Google? For a start, this advert box on the right side of my blog would look rather lonely sitting there all empty :~)

Today was a bit of a boring day. I meant to do so much, but achieved so little. It was one of those days where time just wasted away by doing what seems to be nothing.

I meant to do some more link exchange promoting for, but never got round to it. I also wanted to get two new niche dirctory sites created, but again, never got round to it.

Sometimes, that’s the way it goes when you work from home, you just end up losing a bit of focus for a day.

On a brighter note, my fitness instructor at the gym today was hot! I will have to go there more often…

The Launch Day

Today I launched abcHYIP over on the HYIP Scripts website. It’s a bit of a quiet launch because I don’t have any templates for the buyers yet 😡 My programmers keep promising templates, but none have turned up so far. They absolutely 100% assure me that they are going to be ready by Monday.

So to sweeten the deal, I’ve reduced the price down from $197 to $147 🙂 That’s to make up for the inconvenience of not having a good selection of templates to choose from. I fully expect that I will be selling 50 or more scripts per month.

I have also launched the new PTR Script script site called abcPTR. I will be blogging the progress of this script over the next several months while it is being developed.

I can’t wait to get the PTR script out – even more so than the abcHYIP script! I will be using all the profits from abcHYIP to fund the PTR script.