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The CD Was Nearly Called The Compact Rack

The Compact Disc is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary today. The BBC has run an article looking at the history of the CD from development to the present day decline as new media takes over. Some interesting facts about the CD…

  • The original disc was going to be 11.5cm in diameter but Sony insisted that the disc should be able to hold the full 74 minute recording of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony so it was increased to 12cm to accomodate it
  • Abba released the first commercial CD with their song The Visitor
  • Research on using lasers to read the data on the CD began as far back as 1969
  • Proof of concept using lasers was completed 12 years earlier
  • Record sales of CD’s peaked in 2000 with 2.455 billion. In 2006 that figure was down to 1.755 billion.

Now that new digital mediums are taking over, the CD could become as obsolete as the 3.5″ diskette. With software companies turning to digital delivery of their products over the internet there could be a time when there is no need for CD’s. Even now, with music being downloaded by more and more people, could buying albums on a CD become a niche market like buying albums on vinyl?

The full BBC article can be found here:

Weight Loss Tips!

Ha! I wonder if my blog will get flagged as spam if I talk about weight loss – not the normal topic of conversation on this blog that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m sure there are some guys out there reading this that will look down at their gut now and maybe spend a moment or two pondering life without the belly (or maybe it’s worse than that…not the man boobs!).

Well I have a little tip for anyone looking to shed a few pounds and it’s so simple even a child could do it!

What is the secret? How did I lose over half a stone (7lbs / 3.17kg) in a month?

Quite simply, I virtually cut out all beer from my diet.

That’s it.

No exercise, no dieting, no eating miniscule portions.

I just cut right back on the amount of beer that I drank and the fat virtually melted away. It was incredible.

So if you have a bit of a gut, try cutting out the beer for a week and watch what happens – you’ll probably be pleasently surprised! The only downside is that next time you drink a beer you’ll feel the effects a lot sooner – though that might not be a bad thing – cheaper on the wallet 😉

Climate Change & Offsetting

Recently I watched a program that casts some serious doubts over many corporations claims that they are green or carbon neutral. A couple of years ago it was Avian Flu that was going to decimate half the world’s population, before that it was SARS that was going to be the biggest killer of them all. Now it’s global warming and climate change – you can understand why there might be detractors.

Although there is no doubt that global warming is happening, I can’t see it as being the catastrophic disaster that the media is portraying it to be – simply because they’ll sensationalize any bit of bad news to make more money.

Nothing quite sells like bad news. Telling people “You are all going to be worse off! Find out why by buying our newspaper”. It’s a sure fire winner.

Anyway, climate change is now the buzz word and even the people living under rocks will be aware of it (you may have heard them comment that rocks are not like they used to be).

Never too far behind to miss a trick to make more money, many corporations are now jumping on this green bandwagon to give their corporate image that fluffy happy look. To be “carbon neutral” is the big thing. To leave the smallest possible “carbon footprint” is the goal.

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Let’s Go Galaxy Hunting

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a galaxy hunter? Ever looked up at the stars and wondered if you are alone out there? Well, never mind the second question, but if you want to help classify over a million galaxies, then Galaxy Zoo could probably use your help.

They have taken photo’s of around a million galaxies (each one contains billions and billions of stars like our own sun…do the maths, it’s not hard to realize there is going to be at least one other ‘Earth’ out there capable of supporting life) and need help classifying them all.

You have to take a short tutorial explaining the different types of galaxies (Eliptical or Spiral) and then have to take a nerve racking test to find out if your galaxy hunting skills are good enough for what they need. If you pass then you are allowed to start classifying real galaxies.

The whole concept of letting people around the world help out with scientific studies is growing in popularity. Classifying the galaxies has been difficult to do with computers because they are not adept at spotting patterns, and getting a few people to so the classification would take time and resources. By letting hundreds, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people around the world help out they can complete their study in months rather than years.

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My Work Has Been Recognised By Time Magazine!

Stockpicker website screenshot

Well here’s a turn up for the books (and about bloody time!), my work has been recognised by the world renown Time Magazine! I’m not directly recognised (boo!), but one of the sites that I worked on has made it to the Time Magazine Top 50 Websites of 2007. This has put such a big grin on my face and my ego has been inflated to biblical proportions. So…forgive me while I have a little boast 🙂

The site in question is called Stockpickr and the aim is to allow people to enter their top 3 stock picks and then the site puts you in touch with people that have chosen the same stocks and people that have similar stocks. You can also check out the ‘gurus’ picks and find out who the best stock pickers are.

You can see the full article here: Time Articlel

I was responsible for the development of the site, having a large amount of input on how it was to work, what information was needed etc. I also created the layout and content architecture of the site which means deciding where everything should go, what text was needed, how the pages interlinked with one another and how everything fits together. Finally I created the programming requirements document which outlined everything the site had to do so that the programmers could understand the functionality that is required.

I’ve uploaded some screenshots of my original (1st revision) mockups for the site below…

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What Sort of Facebooker Are You?!

It seems that if you are a 20 something in the UK you can’t have a conversation with someone for more than 5 minutes without the dreaded words Facebook being mentioned.

Since it opened it’s doors to the general public in September 2006 it has seen a wild fire like growth in the UK. I don’t feel as if MySpace ever really cracked the 2nd generation of internet users (people that came online around 1995 – 2000), certainly amongst my circle of friends MySpace was never mentioned. With the garish profile pages, unreadable fonts and eyewatering backgrounds it was something that I feel appealed more to the teenagers than us college grads (being the sophisticated grownups dontcherknow).

Now here we are, July 2007, not even a year after Facebook opened it’s doors to the general public and I think 70% of my year group from high school is registered and a fair amount of people from my university. Most of my mates from back home have a profile and it’s growing day by day. Considering that there are were an estimated 1.3 million UK users in March 2007, I reckon there must be 2 million or more now.

So, with the meteoric rise of Facebook, certain types of users have emerged, which one are you?

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I’m A Winner!

I never win anything. Even if I enter a competition where everyone’s a winner. I’d come last. It’s something I’ve learned to accept and get on with.

However, that all changed this morning when I received a text message from informing me that my recent review of the Lemmings Return game for mobile phones had won the monthly contest and my prize was a free game. Yeah, ok, the games are only worth £3.99 each, but it’s a start. Maybe I can review the free game I get and win the July review contest and get another free mobile game. I’m thinking the new monopoly game.

If you like playing games on your mobile (or if you are so bored on your daily commute to and from work) then check out for hundreds of games for your phone. They even have some freebie games like Snake and Doom.

So I guess you are probably wondering what amazing piece of literally I penned to win the monthly review competition. Well wonder no more, I’ve added it below:

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B People

I’ve come across a site (through mainly mindless surfing) that may well give me a scientific excuse the next time I get out of bed after 12 midday to be lambasted by my housemates for being a lazy sod. I’m not infact lazy. I am a B person. Unfortunately the name given doesn’t sound quite as intelligent as the science behind it.

Anyway, I have another word for B People. Computer Geeks. I firmly believe that anyone who works closely, willingly and enthusiastically with computers are naturally late risers and work best when the world is asleep.

Are you a late riser? Do you work with computers also? I need to make a poll and find out if my belief is true.

Find out more about B People at B

Caution: Builders At Work

Cover your eyes (and probably your ears to, you can never be too sure) ladies and gentleman and watch your step. This is a building site and lines of CSS, HTML and PHP are being built so please take care. Watch out for any unexpected holes (or broken pages) and mind your head on low flying pixels.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this necessary upgrade. We hope to have up and running again serving the internet and wider community (or at the very least serving his ego) within the next few days.

Best regards,

The Management

Hello stranger

After taking a long time off from blog writing, I’m back again. Too many projects to even talk about here that I’m working on.

I’m going to be redesigning this site in the near future and list all the services that I offer from project consultation, web design to search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Till we meet again.