Slumdog Millionaire…Review

Well, this is not exactly a review, more my thoughts on the movie which I saw the other day. Crammed around a little laptop.

In the west, the movie seems to have had an overwhelming response. Loads of awards, nominated for oscars…all sorts. In India, the reception has been, umm, a little different and possibly less than positive.

About the movie, it’s a good film, well made. It’s not a hollywood meets bollywood film. It’s a hollywood (or is it British) film set in India. The production value is western and the editing is western.

In some places the film is completely unrealistic. For example at one point the two kids are on a train and they get knocked off…rather conveniently just outside the Taj Mahal. A western film in India without showing the Taj Mahal is like a scene in Paris without the Eiffel Tower or a scene in New York without the statue of liberty.

So anyway, yeah, the Taj Mahal makes a guest appearance.

The next unrealistic part is the little kid, who skipped school and never made any indication before that he could speak English, suddenly develops a well spoken middle class English accent.

The film is a bit gruesome in places, just like much of Danny Boyles’ work. Who can forget the baby scene in Trainspotting or the thumbs in the eye sockets in 28 Days Later.

In India, the film has been criticised because it shows ‘poor people’ – and if you hadn’t heard already, there are no poor people in India – especially if you are from the wealthy or upper middle classes! You can drive around all day and not see any poor people šŸ˜‰ (I could write at length on this topic!)

There is a little dance at the end of the film which is a nod to bollywood, but let’s be fair, the dance scene isn’t a tiny little patch on any bollywood film.

Overall, the movie gets about 7/10.

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  1. Amit Barfa

    Very truely Sir,
    But i am disappointed the poverty is everywhere and i can be seen its not like that you could not see it .

    Moreover, After reading your thoughts , May i know when did you came to india ,As i am Indian and currently living in india.

  2. admin

    I came to India in January 2008 so I have been here for 12 months. I also visited in 2006. I pass slums on my way to work, see women and children doing back breaking work and people doing inhuman jobs. I know and have seen enough to write about the poverty of India.

  3. msmhank

    I am surprised that people in India like Big B are offended because it shows “India in poor light” unfortunately is’nt what the picture shows very clsoe to truth. I am always surprised by the amazing self denial Indians show in these matters.

  4. Viksdes

    @ Mr Barfa..what point are you making..dont tell me you see poverty to the extent here anywhere else..atleast in many countries the not to sortunate get the minimum human rights.
    @ Peter..I have stayed in Europe over a period and now back home…I must confess earlier I overlooked the poverty aspect, today as I see it everyday to work I feel terrible (again I havent done anything in my capability to change it). Since we have lived our lives here (India), the things like seeing a old woman beg for few paisas is not something new, we have somehow got used to it..nothing here surprises us unfortunately .
    i liked your blog site and keep posting..cheers

  5. admin

    Viksdes, I find that not many of the middle classes give money to charities. My friends here work with many different charities, from health education to orphanages. They all rely on foreign donations. It makes me angry that the wealthy and middle classes of India are doing very little to help people in need. My boss earns lakhs every month and doesn’t give a single penny, it’s squirrelled away for the family wealth.

    People spend 15, 20, 25 lakhs on a wedding. Such a waste šŸ™ that money would probably run an orphanage for a 20 kids for a year.

    The middle and wealthy classes need to do more to help the 600m impoverished people in India, and not rely on foreign aid to do this.

    Just my opinion :-/

    PS. Yes, I do donate some money to my friends charities, so not being hypocritical!

  6. Viksdes

    Peter agreed..we need to do much more . Middle class India is trying to be the rich class India and poor class india is trying to survive the grind.

    Well all said and done I agree that indians dont do a lot. Your logic about marriages and unnecessary display of wealth is right for me, may be right for some other of my educated countrymen, but a lot has to change in here, the whole attitude is wrong.

    But again we are talking about a population under poverty + depreieved of education, believers of caste system, which is probably larger than entire Europe. It will take time I guess.

    As for me I dont think i should comment , I havent done anything to change things here.


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