GoDaddy Update: I Am Not Alone!

A few weeks ago I posted about how bad I though GoDaddy were and how bad the website interface was.

Well, I was doing a bit of reading the other day and it turns out that I’m not the only one who has issues with GoDaddy (we should probably all sign up to therapy and get a group discount). While the whole RegisterFly saga was unfolding, there was one site that everyone went to called

They were one of the first sites to break the (bad) news that GoDaddy was buying the RF customer database and transferring all the domains.

Anyway, I came across this post:

Which talks about GoDaddy’s shady transfer policy that is allegedly in blatant breach of ICANN’s policy (ICANN is the American based non-profit organisation that overseas and controls all .com domains – often referred to as ICANN’T due to their inability to take action).

Amongst some of the comments to the above article I came across some gems:

Here are some other reasons godaddy sucks.
1 they lie on there website and make you agree to not transfer your domain if you update your whois. This is just dishonest. Nothing in ICANN policy allows for this.

2, They have a reputation for shutting down sites based on uninvestigated complaints.
If someone complains that you are spamming with your domain they shut you down without any investigation. The burden is on you to prove you weren’t

3, They have a link in there whois to report false whois. Let me ask you; what qualifies any joe blow who looks up my domain in the whois to determine if the whois is false. This is asking for abuse. The type of abuse that led to the theft of

By the way, and this is an aside. I found a domain I wanted the other day at godaddy that had false whois- bad email. Nothing can stop me from puttiing in a back order for it with godaddy and then reporting the false whois.
But I degress, let me go on.

4, Their control panel is the worst in Biz.

5 when You try to renew you have to deal with nonsense like having the renew auto set to 2 years and being upsold tons of junk on the long road to checkout.

6 [snip]

7. There is no grace period after your domain expires. The day it expires they will charge you a boatload of money to get it back. Reputalbe registrars dont pull this kind on nonsense. Why would anyone who knows anything about domains put up with this.

8 When you buy a domain at Godaddy or change your DNS to Godaddy, they steal your traffic for at least three days. That’s right folks you heard it hear first. They steal your traffic for at least three days. At any ohter registrar you can start using your domain right away. By the way this is grounds for a class action lawsuit and I am sure some clever attorney will get on it eventually.

The list goes on, but if your are stupid enough to use godaddy you probably already stopped reading

You can read the rest of the comments on GoDaddy on this page:

Many people seem to have issues with the frustrating checkout process that GoDaddy have where they attempt to upsell you every product and service they have, try to get you to buy other domain extensions, default the registration period for two years and so on. For seasoned webmasters and domainers this is just tedious and infuriating. Definitely at the very least I think they should have an option in the users profile to have a quick checkout option that bypasses all that crap.

I’ve also come across this site that gives various horror stories about GoDaddy:

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