How Much Does It Cost To Go To India?

Oh my! The costs to get to India are just getting bigger and bigger – spiralling out of control. There’s so many things to do and buy. Visas, injections, money, tickets, toiletries, the list is endless.

Here’s a break down of how much it’s cost so far…

Tickets – £430
Money – £750 (damn! I was sold!)
Insurance – £75
Visa – £30
Injections & Malaria tabs – £150
New Travel Bag – £55
Mosquito Sprays – £25

Total – £1515!!!

Ouch, and I haven’t even got out there yet!

I’m slightly concerned about the travel bag I’ve bought because it’s about an inch wider than is allowed under the new hand luggage rules. I’m hoping I’ll be able to squeeze it into the box somehow as it’s not a rigid bag – wish me luck on that one guys!

Can’t believe it’s all happening finally!

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