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Ah…AdSense. It’s like an old pair of jeans. You know it’s probably worn out and there’s nothing you can do about it, but you find yourself coming back to it again and again.

This is what has happened at the moment…

If any of you have any internet marketing experience, I’m sure you’d have heard of a chap named Armand Morin. Recently he did a teleseminar about his adsense work.

The entire seminar lasted for almost 3 hours and man there was a lot of information in there!

Now I can’t go in to specifics here, because that’s unfair to those that paid to be in on the seminar. But a lot of his work has been done using his own software called Directory Generator. The guy has literally thousands of websites set up using this software.

I am yet to purchase Directory Generator as it’s got quite a steep price ($247), and I’m pretty sure you can achieve similar results with Traffic Equalizer which is slightly cheaper.

Basically the theory goes that quantity is better than quality. Just throw up as many pages as you can, as often as you can (maybe 5 a day) and you will start seeing results. Even if each site only makes $5 a month, if you have 1000 websites, that’s a lot of cash.

When I told my programmers about the system Armand Morin uses, they actually got very excited and started talking about how they could make something similar, but better. So watch this space, I might have a even better product for you soon!

So now based on Armand’s advice, I have created ‘holding’ pages for all my unused domains, each site has thousands of pages and a good chance of being indexed. Anyone that lands on any of these pages will see my adsense code (amongst other things). These are domains that would otherwise have sat dormant doing nothing.

I’m also doing a number of other things based on his advice, but I simply cannot share them here until they become general knowledge in the adsense community. Sorry guys!

One thing I can share with you though is that I’ve just purchased 150 ready made adsense sites, with between 50 and 1500 pages in each site. The idea is to just throw them all up online and forget about them. There’s going to be nearly 75,000 pages with your adsense code on it, so you will be seeing some traffic regardless. You can purchase these sites too from Adsense Ready Websites

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